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Your trade-in can be all or part of a down payment

AmericanCarLoan recommends putting at least 20% down, in any combination of trade-in and payment.

A higher credit score means lower interest rates
Suggested max: 36 months for used cars, 60 for new

Loan terms longer than 60 months can put you "underwater" — meaning you owe more to the bank than the car is worth.

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As big time car fans, we thought it would fun to put together this calculator to calculate how much exactly a dream car would cost us per month based on our credit scores. You can of course also use it for any car you want by simply filling out the car price box.

We also put together a more detailed overview on the cost of financing and maintaining a Ferrari as an example for those that love the details.

Keep in mind of course that most lenders won’t lend past the $100,000 level.

You can read more about the average car loan rates and monthly payments on our dedicated page. It can be helpful to have a look to see what the average American is paying every month and compare it to your own situation.

If you are considering applying for a car loan, we invite you to use our quote comparison service which is free of charge and allows you to compare multiple lenders.

Have fun! Let us know in the comments any other super car brands you’d like us to add.

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