Purchasing a vehicle has been made easier for Americans, but this doesn’t mean you can just go buy a car blindly… Unless you’re crazy rich, of course. Part of your planning is assessing your own financial situation and your capability to fully pay off a car without risking repossession. Other than repossession, delinquent payments may also result to lower credit scores and piled up fees and penalties. You may want to check out an online auto loan calculator to see how you fare. Find the best deals online, read up on car reviews, and also take a look at the do’s and don’ts before buying a car. Make all the necessary research before you make that purchase.

We’ve gathered the best sources of blogs and websites to help you with your next car purchase. Take note that most of these websites offer more than just a search engine to find your next car at the best. Some have useful guides and tips, a search engine to find an auto dealership, an auto loan calculator, etc.



The autotrader website is one of the more popular go-to websites for those looking to either buy or sell a car. It allows you to create an ad for your vehicle. You can also check the estimated value of your car or directly trade-in at a local car dealership. It has a wide array of categories that make it easier for you to search for your next car. You can filter results based on a variety of factors such as make, model, year, fuel economy, and many more other features. There are even car reviews and news available on their homepage. It also has additional features to help you find a local dealership and an auto loan.



The hemmings website is a classic car lover’s paradise. Whether you’re a vintage collector or just an enthusiast, you’ll appreciate this site. You can search for classic muscle cars or trucks and motorcycles that are hard to find elsewhere. You can also search for available car parts that are either rare or no longer sold in the market. On top of that, they offer great gift ideas such as apparel, accessories, diecast models, and automobile books. Hemmings has published several car books and magazines, so you’re assured that they really know what they write on their car site blogs. They also let you in on the upcoming car auctions. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing page displaying beautiful classics, it’s easy to navigate your way through the menus.



If you’re looking to find the best deal, then CarGurus is the website you should go to. It displays all the necessary information to help you with bargaining the price. The results are ranked according to prices and dealer reputation. The site displays the car’s true market value, the car’s selling price (and how it changed overtime), and the date when the ad was posted. The last detail is important because you can use this information to negotiate the seller’s published price. On the site you can also find reviews on car test drives and previews. Aside from the option of buying a new, used, or “certified pre-owned” car, you can also post an ad and sell your car online. You can trim down your search results by using search filters which make it easier for you to find that one car you’re really eyeing.



Vroom directly processes and sells cars purely through online transaction. They have quality checks and inspections to make sure you’re getting a car that’s worth your bucks. Once you have your car delivered right at your house, you have 250 miles (or one week) to test drive it and make sure it can live up to its description online when you bought it. They provide free car history reports and let you apply online fast and easy. They have over 12 financing partners that will haggle to get you the best auto loan deal. You can have them appraise the value of your current car in case you’re interested in a trade-in when they arrive at your house to deliver your car. You can get in touch with their experts via email or phone.



Another good site to check out if you want to earn some serious bucks is Unhaggle. You can get one of the lowest prices with their search engine tools that allow for total transparency with the varying vehicle market prices from several dealerships. You get to see how much dealers pay to manufacturers which can help you negotiate the price of your car. The process is quick and easy, you just input the car make and model and the website generates a free report for you regarding all the relevant prices to help you get a better deal for your vehicle.



Edmunds claims to make buying a car easier for you, which their site lives up to. They have a search engine that allows you to filter car results based on your preferred make and model, and even has car suggestions depending on what you will use the car for, what you value, and what your budget is. They have expert reviews and guides to help you decide. Search for the best deals and be notified when prices drop for your chosen car/s. More importantly, they have a tool you can use to get an estimated monthly payment quotation. Get pre-approval with this site to know what dealers are willing to offer you so you know how to negotiate for your car when you get to these dealerships.

Cars Direct


With Cars Direct, you get easy-read articles and blogs on cars, deals, and loans. They provide you with car guides and tips on getting the best loan and lease deals, the cheapest cars. They have a search engine for finding new and used cars, and you can use this to estimate the value of your current vehicle for a trade-in. You can also apply for financing using their fast online application with any dealership in their wide network of partners. One feature that I think can be very helpful is their customer support available via email, live chat, or phone. If you’re not content with their expert-written guides and news, you can get in touch.

Kelly Blue Book


Kelly Blue Book has an extensive car listing for both new and used cars. If you want to trade-in your current vehicle, you can get accurate estimates on its selling value. Use its calculator to get an estimated monthly payment quotation for your chosen car. You can even compare the prices of several car models across several dealerships. KBB provides you with a fair car price so you don’t get overcharged and an option to check your credit score online. They have an in-house editorial staff that regularly posts reviews on the latest car models, tips on your next car purchase, and guides on buying a car on a budget. Other research tools include vehicle history report, recalls, car loans, and car insurance.

Cars on U.S. News


Although you don’t really get an extensive set of research tools, what U.S. News offers is a comprehensive collection of tips, guides, news, and reviews that you should read before you buy your next car. Of course, you can still use the site to search for cars for sale by brand, model, or year. You get a sneak peak of the actual selling price of the car in the dealerships and you get to see how much other people near you paid for the same model. But what really makes them a good site to visit is the variety of well-written blogs relating to cars.

Consumer Reports


The website itself isn’t solely focused on cars, but they have a very comprehensive section all about cars! They have tons of articles on tips and guides for buying a car. Sample blogs are “New Car Buying Guide”, “Used Car Buying Guide”, “Best New Car for Teens”, “How to Get the Best Loan”, “Pros and Cons of Leasing”, and many more. They have really helpful articles that discuss a variety of topics relating to car purchase and maintenance. They even have a tool that allows the user to search for car parts and services with a free repair cost estimator. Basically, it’s one of the best guides for specific cars makes and models. When you search for a specific car, you get a complete guide on the car features, test drives, and owner reportings and ratings. The site allows you to search for local car dealerships that offer your chosen car and the prices for each seller so you can make a comparison before making your way to the store.

True Car


This website is great for those who are looking to save thousands of dollars on their next purchase by comparing prices that other people managed to get the car for. Now you don’t have to stick with the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price because you now have an idea of how much you can get the same car for at a different dealership. You get a wide list of car models and you can compare several models and prices at once. True to its name, True Car gives you the true price you should expect once you pay that certain dealership a visit.

Auto Tempest


Auto Tempest consolidates car listings from a variety of online market platforms such as ebay, carsoup, carsdirect, craigslist, and the likes. You can search for sellers near you that sell your preferred car model and year. They offer a free tool that you can use to narrow down your options and see what is the most suitable car for you. They show the market prices of different sellers to help you compare and get the best deal. Aside from that, they have also published articles and guides you might be interested in to read if you’re looking for a new car or if you’re just a car enthusiast wanting to learn more.



Bring-a-Trailer is another good website to check out if you’re a sucker for good ‘ol classics, vintages, or awesome sports cars. It’s basically an auction type of selling platform that also publishes updates and reviews regarding the previously sold cars. You can bid on available cars for sale or you can put your current car for auction for only $99. You can spot rare finds and even sell your car for a good price because of the website’s clientele.

American Car Loan


American Car Loan should be your go-to when you want to learn more about auto loan financing. It provides the latest news on car loans and useful guides to help you get the best deal for your chosen car. All those complex ratings and numbers are translated into easy-read articles to help you better understand the auto loan financing industry. You can use this platform to get different auto loan rates across multiple lenders. Before you make that deal, use this website to compare offers and decide on the best deal for you with regards to interest rates and loan terms.

Additional: Relay Cars


This one’s different from the rest of the list. Here’s a cool thing you can check out before you go on and buy that car: Relay Cars application. Download its app to get a feel of the interior of the vehicle. Strap on your VR headsets and do virtual test drives! It’s a fun way to get a feel of the car without actually visiting a dealership.

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